RIP Gordon Parks

I'm such a ditz sometimes

Marketing Professor: (talking about the Pullman Porters Union) And what color where these porters?
Me: Blue
Professor: No they were black!
Me: Oh I thought you were asking about the color of their uniforms
Professor and classmates then proceed to laugh at me.

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RIP Gordon Parks

My brain is going to explode any minute now.

    This semester is going to kill me. I can't believe I have so much crap and most of my teachers are extremely boring except for my Marketing course which is really interesting and my professor is awesome but, he is going to kill me also.

    We have to write about 15 separate topics, each topic has to be at least 5 pages and due in the middle of March; so that's like 75 pages all together wtf? (at least that's how he made it seem but I am going to ask him to clarify about that tomorrow). So I know I won't be able to post as much as I wanted to this year but whatever. I have too much on my shoulder plus applications for transferring; do I really want to apply to FIT?

Lawd help me. 
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RIP Gordon Parks

Look at mini Dee Jay!

Rofl this is the best ever, I seriously cannot stop laughing at this show.

Oh and life is pretty chill lately, just getting ready to apply to colleges. *sigh* I guess I'll do a proper update once things start rolling again.
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RIP Gordon Parks

It's freezing in my room

New Years Eve was so fun! Like I said in my previous entry, my family and I watch the annual bad movie flick. This year we watched "Out Kold" with Ice T...and other unfortunate actors. It was Great.

I saw Sweeney Todd this afternoon. Why can't I stop humming the refrain for 'No place like London'??
There's a whole in the world like a great black pit
and the vermin of the world inhabit it

It's stuck in my head! My mom is just about ready to smack me because I keep singing that same part to her. Anyway, the movie was really good nonetheless.

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And I am DESPERATELY trying to keep my attention on watching Vacancy, but I just can't. It's annoying for some reason.
RIP Gordon Parks

Pre-New Years post

I've been trying to catch a cold for the past two weeks. My nose is stuffy and I'm constantly sneezing but it's getting better.

So 2008 will be here in over 24 hours. I'm actually pretty excited because I have this awesome list (mental list, mind you) full of resolutions for the new year, but I guess I'm just going to do a complete 360 on my whole life. For starters, I need to stop being so darn lazy and finally, I will stop being so fickle so I can transfer already! Be more confident and carefree like Grace Jones (no seriously, she is going to be my inspiration this coming year). Read more books. Stop being selfish. Yadda yadda etc etc, the list goes on.

Tomorrow my oldest sister is holding a New Years Eve party for friends and family so that will be fun. Not to mention that we will be watching our annual bad movie flick. I really tried to get them to show Cool As Ice but they explained that it was just painfully bad and not hilariously bad; after watching a scene from it on youtube, I concur. Whatever. All I know if I hope to God they don't show another blaxploitation flick like last year, because if so, I will scream! I think we watched the sequel to Dynomite or some crap, anyway, point being, it sucked. And according to them it was hilarious but it made me angry; the kind of anger I get when watching Uwe Boll movies. Plus the movie was just flat out boring, and I hate watching awkwardly bad sex scenes with the family.
RIP Gordon Parks

Sail away from the safe harbor

Expat Blog

Expat Blog is a great website if you're interested in traveling and reading about other people's experiences. I highly recommend taking a look at some blogs, I know I am since I plan to travel as soon as I get my Bachelors.

Oh and Eikongraphia has a great collection on artists who specialize in installation and architecture. I've spent so many nights browsing through their archives.